A couple of great Christmas gifts

Two of my favourite gifts this year were an AeroPress Coffee maker and a Summit microfibre towel.

The towel is basically like a giant glasses cleaner. You don't realise how handy something like that could be. For starters when going exercising it will certainly soak up the sweat, you can rinse it out and it will be dry in relatively no time (at least compared to a normal towel). But the other nice benefit will be that I could also use it to more quickly clean larger shiny surfaces like my TV screen. Though I'll have to think twice if I want to do that with my "sweat towel".

The AeroPress is perhaps the best gift. It lends itself to experimenting with coffee making more than other devices in my opinion, it's quite cool and feels "sciencey" when you're making it.

I'm not sure I'll get to the point of participating in the World Championship but I get why people do it. There are some cool apps for recipes. I like OchoCoco's app AeroPress Recipes and Timer but £8.00 for an app that feels like it might have been abandoned is something I'm not sure about. However I really like how it's done and the fact he's defined an open recipe format rather than locking people out.

Posted on 3 Jan 2016, 5:23 p.m. by toadwarrior