First impressions of Air Pods

I went into my local Apple Store the other day just to try the demonstration pair of Air Pods. With the 6 week wait time I thought there is no way I want to order them, wait and then end up returning them. Well, luckily they had them in stock and the fit was really good with my ears so I got them.

I've had them awhile now and I'm definitely sold on them. My only other experience with wireless headphones is with the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones and the Bose SoundSport earphones and in both cases they've been great. In fact I'm using the QC35 headphones right now.

In both cases their range isn't as good as I get with the Air Pods which in the case of the QC35 headphones that seems sort of illogical. They're much bigger and therefore should surely be able to broadcast a strong better signal but apparently not. Oddly enough the SoundSport headphones also have a superior range to the QC35 headphones. The SoundSport ones allow me to mostly get around most of my home without cutting out.

So I'd have to say where I use them they're generally fine with regard to range. Battery life on both is certainly fine for my needs too. The QC35 headphones are not really an outdoor headphone and certainly shouldn't be sweated on. So when I'm active that leaves the SoundSport headphones and while they are wireless from the phone, which is great, they're not wireless from each other. They'll catch on clothes or my backpack and some times it's just that there's enough friction on my skin and maybe it's the weight of them but that's enough to some times pull them out. My ears just aren't very compatible with the range of ear pieces they give and there.

So that's how I got where I'm at and decided to give the Air Pods a go and the benefits in my mind are

In fact the only reason I touch them is to make sure they're actually there. It often feels like you've got nothing in your ears. Siri also appears to work better. Though I must say I generally don't have issues with Siri outside of using her/him with my Apple TV and Apple Music.

I don't know what it is with Siri but I can talk about the same things and I get the correct results unless I'm asking for said thing from apple music and then it goes comically wrong. It's just embarrassing.

Of course should they ever come out there is a much higher risk of them going in the drains or becoming lost if I were cycling though really I shouldn't be listening to music and cycling anyway.

The ability to pause and play the music just by taking one air pod out is just so handy and convenient.

If there is one downside I'd say double tapping them seems a bit hit or miss at times. I use that for siri (resorting to just pulling one out for pause / play). Aim I meant to aim for the black part at the top or more at the bottom or shouldn't it matter? I'm not sure to be honest. It usually works but it will fail at times.

And it should be noted they're not entirely magical. Being further away from the music playing device and, as an example bending down so the signal has to go through my watery mass, plus multiple concrete walls and not being more or less lined up with the device (height seems to matter more at further distances with all bluetooth devices) does cause it to start cutting out. However, that's just the nature of wireless headphones. Sending signals through water or bodies made mostly of water just seems to be quite hard.

All in all I'd have to say they are the most satisfactory bluetooth headphones I've ever had. Other need to look at what Apple has done and replicate it.

I think the best thing will be for Bose to do something similar to the W1 chip added or at least something similar.

Posted on 16 Jun 2017, 10:04 p.m. by toadwarrior